Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My curse

I'm a terrible person. Really. I said I'll post what I'm working on within a week and look at this. How awesome is that -.-

Anyways, there's this contest on Digital-Tutors. Basically, the goal is to make a game asset and the best asset wins a DT shirt and a book on digital painting. And I'm like, damn, I'm winning this! So, I think to myself, awesome, I'll start to design some weaponry in like 3-4 days, for now, let's just play Skyrim.

But wait - it gets better. Two days ago I got an awesome idea of making a CG shot of something I currently call "Mage's desk" which was inspired from Skyrim (I play as a Stealth-Archer-Mage guy) and I started to work on it, I have the concept in my head, so here's my current progress:
david gvozdenović
That's basically a potion bottle and just ignore the right one, it's a glass material test :D
I struggled with chain simulation, it's such a pain in the a** on my awful PC. I did a rigid body simulation which was like mega-slow, what you see above is the result of about three hours of experimenting with decent sim step size, an hour of simulation for 11 frames and 5 minutes of tweaking the chain links. And it still sucks. I wanted to sim it until the chain settles and stops moving but with so many collisions, the sim is too damn slow so the result is only 11 simed frames and it still looks like it's kinda flying. And after waiting another hour to render this with the mighty VRay, I threw it into Nuke and quickly comped all the passes, no color correction/grading, straight additive merge, and what you are seeing here is the result of two days of work on this. Lot of work ahead, but I have a great concept in my mind for this one.
Lit with VRaySun and VRaySky with a single light portal on the window hole + a plane with opacity map outside the room for the funky shadow blobs. VRayMat for all materials. Here's a quick scrshot of the table.

And guess what, It's 6AM and not going to work on this nor the DT contest nor any of my other 936497253824 unfinished projects. I'm going to play Skyrim.

I hate my laziness.

See ya'.

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