Sunday, November 09, 2014

Anatomy stuffs + BMW M3 VFX Project Update

Alright, this time I've got some more art for ya'
I got back doing 3D fulltime now and I'm back for real. I'm devoting all my time to working on projects and sculpting. Expect new posts at least once a week.

I pulled out some of my anatomy books, opened ZBrush and dove in. 30min later I got this. It's not that good, but not that bad either for my first attempt ever at the torso sculpt. Fuckin' great. I'm super excited to sculpt all day.

That BMW M3 VFX project is almost done, all frames rendered (~40h for 604 frames), I'm just doing some final tweaks in Nuke, it looks pretty awesome! It should be fully done in at most two weeks.

Here's a render of the torso sculpt.

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