Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm back + New photography work!

So, after months of not posting anything, I am back with lots of new photos. Got tons of emails from my art buddies asking where the hell am I.

My SD card reader was dead for months and I finally got a new one today so I sat down and spent and entire afternoon going thru 8 gigs of raw shots and editing just a few great ones.

All shot on Fujifilm HS10 and color-graded in Photoshop/ACR usual.
I took me literally almost two hour to grade some of the shots here. I love fiddling with the subtle tones and hues.

Update on life: I am currently just about to launch my business and it’s a lot of fun, but I miss doing 3D and painting. A lot. I’m just busy as hell. Occasionally when I have some time off, I grab my camera and go out for a walk or something. That’s how most of these photos came to be.

Enjoy, I'll be back soon with more. Soon, not in like 6 months later :)

Click on them to enlarge.
PS. If you want a higher res for a wallpaper or something, just hit me up at artofkatara[at]gmail[dot]com, I just don't usually post higher than 1280 online.

Or you can buy prints on my deviantArt here: davidkatara.deviantart.com


sunrise stuff

badass crow behind my backyard, shot early in the morning

dusty windows covered in cobwebs, iso3200 so it's grainy but the grain is just gorgeous

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