Thursday, November 07, 2013

Mage's desk - WIP

Here's a quick WIP render from Maya 2014 mental ray.
Damn, either I suck at optimizing mr or it's really that slow. Probably both.

Click to enlarge
Materials are far from done, GI sucks atm, and set dressing is my biggest challenge ie. designing the actual scene, what to put into it.

I hoped it would be done for the Digital Art Masters competition but I guess I'll have to wait another year because there's way too much work to be done in only 17 days ('till the deadline) so I won't be competing this year.. damn it, I'm really mad at myself for forgetting such a huge event :/

A lot more work coming in real soon, I'm working on A TON of stuff this week so expect more in 2-3 days, some camera tracking work and some new models.

Barely have any time to even study for a math exam tommorow.. Not that I'm in the mood to study anyways :D

Catch ya later,

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