Saturday, November 23, 2013

More work

Came home for this weekend so, finally, a stable Internet connection.
Here's some (weird) stuff I've been working on recently.

Open Maya. Stare at a blank scene. Look around the room. Notice a hair dryer on the floor. Model it.
Took me like 2h.

This little sketch is a bit weird. It's actually an inside of an old rotor model I made a month ago in Softimage. I got a great idea, exported it into Maya, and lit and rendered it with VRay.

Also, here in my backyard there's A TON of mechanical stuff like car & tractor parts, devices and whatnot from my grandpa, so I'll shoot a ton of reference pics and model them. I definitely won't be bored for the next two weeks, yay! Mech studies FTW, gotta get my skills up!

Anyways, see ya probably in two weeks unless I fix my Internet connection over there in my apartment.

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