Thursday, January 23, 2014

Giveaway + Quick update

There's an insane giveaway from Kupo Grip, a ton of photography gear worth $10,000!
Click to enlarge
YES, ALL OF THAT CAN BE YOURS (or mine :D). They're crazy!
Thought you guys are interested, most of my visitors are artists as well so I thought you guys might be interested. Here's the link to get in.
I get an entry for everyone that joins and you can share your own link and get entries as well.
But such a huge giveaway is too good to miss so I thought you guys might join in.

I've been pretty sick last few weeks and my computer is not with me, I'm currently using my dad's small netbook which can barely run Photoshop so don't expect any new work until I get my beast back, but there's like 3-4 awesome shots I took recently and as I mentioned in my last post, I've finished tracking some footage but unfortunately I don't have it with me here (damn, I should really use Dropbox more often)
Expect all this in the following 10-20 days..

'till then, take care...
David G...

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