Sunday, February 23, 2014

BMW M3 - Modeling done!

Well, I gotta say, this was pretty awesome. Hard as hell, but amazing. Hustling 'till 5AM every day, I had a ton of fun. I learned a lot about topology and if I ever make another car, it's gonna be done much faster than this one.

Here you go. Nice big 1080p renders!

Click to enlarge

Polycount: 916k subdivided, not really optimized
Modeled mostly in Maya, side skirt done in Softimage just because I wanted to play with it and see how modeling feels like with it, and the dense bottom grid on the front bumper was done in Blender because it can convert a mesh to it's wireframe.

Rendered in the mighty VRay, primary GI engine: Irradiance Cache - Medium and secondary: Light Cache with 700 subdivs.
Brand new VRayMtl with no settings changed.
Wireframe was done with VRayEdgesTex plugged into Diffuse channel of VRayMtl then I rendered a separate element VRayDiffuseFilter and comped it over the clay render with PS, multiply mode.
Render time: 5min/frame + additional 2min/frame for wireframe

Simple as that.

I might do a full CG scene with environment, model the interior and do a nice photorealistic render. I might. One day. But not anytime soon.

Stay awesome, guys!David G.

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