Sunday, March 09, 2014

Mage's desk - WIP

Remember my project "Mage's desk"? Well, it's alive and I'm hustling my ass off to get it out of my head and into an actual finished photoreal render.

I won't bother you with detailed descriptions of what am I exactly doing because I just wanna go back and work more, but once the whole thing's done, I'll write a lot about the idea and the process behind it.

For a quick recap of what I already said:
It's a Skyrim inspired scene that I've seen in my lucid dreams during the time I was insanely into Skyrim playing it for weeks like 14 hours a day (yeah, as you've already probably noticed, most of my art comes from my crazy dreams) and the simple idea is that this render will be like a photograph of a mage's desk in his/her house in somewhere in Skyrim. In my head the picture looks awesome but as I'm not a master concept artist, I just went straight to Maya and started working.

This Robocop dude is just a free model I've downloaded from the web and it's there just for scale reference so my depth of field and other stuff is accurate and to scale. The idea of using incredible and very expensive cameras and lenses for free in 3D makes me very excited :D

He obviously won't be in the final shot, the camera will be very close to the table like in the second render. Composition is kinda bad and far from final yet because more objects will be modeled like books and whatnot.

Click to enlarge
The scrolls will be remodeled. That stuff on the wall are wooden planks with UV grid on them.
There's still a TON of stuff to be done.

Listening to Nelson Mandela's autobiography audiobook and working.. Pretty fun I can say!
I'm done for today. Let's get back to work.

Peace out.. more stuff soon
David G.

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